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April 10, 2006: 2006 storm season blog kickoff, anticipating May

Storm Chasing & Photography Expedition 2006 BlogWe're three weeks away from May 1 - the time when we go into 'standby mode' here in Charleston, watching for an active severe weather pattern to set up over the Plains. As soon as we get signs that a favorable setup for severe storms is developing, we'll be on the road heading west on I-64. Once again my brother Matt Robinson (,, will be in from Raleigh, North Carolina to make the trip west. Matt is a talented photographer and will be our official digital still photographer on our trip. Also joining us this year will be Army serviceman and observer David Draun from Illinois, who will have just returned home to American soil after active duty in Iraq. As usual, several other observer friends from across the country are still finalizing their trip plans and also may be teaming up with us for the chase.

If you followed us on our adventures last year, you know well that making specific chase plans this far ahead is a pointless pursuit. We're at the mercy of the weather patterns which will dictate when we leave and how long we stay on the road - which this year could be anytime between May 1 and June 12. As you saw with our trip last year, computer weather model forecasts tend to flip-flop wildly and are mostly unreliable more than one or two days out. That means we could have as little as one day's notice before we head west. But, that's par for the course - we're used to that kind of schedule. All we can do is stay prepared during our 'standby' period, ready to leave at a moment's notice. When we do we'll be sure to talk about it here.

Just like last year, this blog will serve as our reporting outlet for the entire storm chase expedition. We'll be posting reports, photos and video clips whenever we can find the time and an internet connection. Stay tuned to this site so you can ride along with us on a 'virtual chase'. If it's tornado and storm photos/video that you're looking for in the meantime, our 2005 Plains Event Trip and 2004 Plains Event Trip page has plenty from past seasons to keep you busy!

Above all, we'd appreciate your prayers for a safe and successful trip.

- Dan

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