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                   Wednesday, August 20, 2008 - 9:17PM

Shifting gears again

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I took the long way for part of the drive home from the office today, getting stopped by the descending crossing gates on Hedrick Road near Scott Depot. I decided at the last second to grab the camera and mess around with a few shots instead of just sitting in the car. Stuff was blurring handheld (since it was getting dark), so I cranked the ISO to 800 just to get a sharp image. I tried a couple with the (slowly approaching) train in focus and the gate blurred, but I liked this better.

So yeah, I drove home from the office. If you know me or read this blog for very long, you know that I don't kid around when I talk about possibly making changes in life. I'm not afraid to try new things or go back to doing 'old' things if it's what I feel is best, and I usually take the plunge sooner than later, not looking back or second-guessing the decision afterward. And so today, I loaded my home office setup into the car (computer, hard drives, files, etc) and took it to my waiting desk at the CIS headquarters in Teays Valley. I plan to make the daily commute for at least the next month or so. Expensive (about $160/month extra for fuel, which the company is helping cover), but I think that the advantages of me being 'in-house' with the rest of the crew during our new product roll-out will make that investment well worth it.

I never thought I'd say it, but to be honest, being back there felt great. And it also feels equally good to be home in the evening and not have piles of work sitting here in this room. The end of the day is my time now - all of my work activities will be confined to the office 25 miles away. I lost sight of this benefit of having a more structured routine.

You've probably also seen that what works for me seems to change like the wind, so who knows how long this arrangement will last. I may be back home again in 6 months (or 2) - we'll see. It's nice to work for someone that lets me make these decisions for myself - I don't take that blessing for granted.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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