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                   Friday, December 5, 2008 - 11:58PM

Christmas parade time-lapse, Capitol Street

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Charleston's Christmas parade went by the office on Capitol Street Friday evening. I set the webcam to capture every 2 seconds, then rendered out a quick video:

TIMELAPSE: Capitol Street parade time-lapse

The crowd looks a little thin there, but there was a pretty decent turnout - most people were at either end of the block. It sure did clear out fast after it was over though, as you can see. And yes, that streetlight with the messed up daylight sensor is annoying. I went downstairs to shoot a few frames, but photography wasn't happening thanks to the low light. Wide open and 1600 ISO was all I could work with handheld, which wasn't much. It was too cold to stand out there very long anyway.

I normally would just piggyback this onto another post later on, but I figured there would be a few search hits for it this weekend.

Looked like a large parade where was all the spectators.
- Posted by Kurt

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