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                   Sunday, March 15, 2009 - 10:47PM

Weird dreams

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This is going to be a strange non-weather post, just to warn you. Every few months I have a weird dream that is so bizarre and funny that I literally wake up laughing out loud, and at the same time shaking my head wondering how my own brain is capable of these Jack Handey/Mitch Hedberg-esque bits. I really wish I could come up with this stuff when I was awake, I could write a book! I started writing the dreams down a couple of years ago so I wouldn't forget any, and with the latest one on Saturday night (the break-in dream) I thought I had a good collection to post.

So, here's the 'weird dream list', compiled over the past 3 years. These are actual dreams, I'm not making any of these up (well I guess technically I am, in my sleep). I'd love to see a dream analyst try to tackle these.

  • I dreamed I had a bag of strange hard candy that when you ate one, it made you talk with an Australian accent.
  • I had a dream that I got two dogs, and I named them both the same name - so I could call one, and they would both come.
  • I had a dream that I went to Long John Silver's and got a two-piece chicken plank meal. The cashier set my tray down on the counter too hard, and one of the hush puppies fell out and rolled across the counter in front of me. I was paying with a credit card, and when I went to sign the receipt, I accidentally signed the hush puppy instead.
  • I had a dream that I worked for a recording studio, and one of the artists coming in to do an album was an Italian gangster rapper named "Big Boyardee".
  • I dreamed someone broke into my house, and the only thing they stole was a Q-tip!
  • I had a dream that I took a date to a bowling alley. The air was really dry inside, and my lips were getting chapped. I was embarrassed and I looked everywhere for some chap-stick, but couldn't find any. Finally I found one stick, but it was inside one of those "Skill Crane" arcade games. I spent about 5 dollars in quarters trying to get the chap-stick with the crane, but it was too small to grab onto, and I kept dropping it.

um...thats odd o well im sure we all have weird dreams i get dreams everyonce and a while where i see somthing happening and then months or weeks later it happens almost like im psycic so pretty much i see things before they happen.
- Posted by jay from canada
This is funny, Dan!!
- Posted by Beth from Raleigh, NC
Umm... it has obviously been a very long winter in West Virginia that cannot end soon enough.
- Posted by John from Texas
These are funny dreams. I had a dream last night that I went to a casino. I am 21 but I look very young. Whenever I go to the bar I get ID'ed several times. If I leave and come back I get ID'ed. In my dream I would get ID'ed and then 10 feet later I would get ID'ed again. The people I went with were old friends, family, new friends, etc. There was even a girl I remember from High School and somehow I had several thousand dollars in my wallet and people were observing me. This was probably one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had because it was so many different thoughts jumbled together from different time periods.
- Posted by Mike from New York
Signed the hush puppy! HAHAHA.
- Posted by Rob Russo from Charleston, WV
Dan, these dreams are hilarious! Mine seem pretty boring in comparison. The past few years I've been having 3 common themes in dreams though: 1. I own my grandparents old house, 2. I'm observing storms, 3. a door in my house doesn't lock properly.
- Posted by Lisa W from STL
So I thought to look at your website since it was mentioned in Sunday school last Sunday, the last dream is especially hilarious and applicable to our Sunday school lesson, haha... You are a very talented photographer! Your spring pics were really good, you have a good eye for things
- Posted by Christine from Boomer
i had a dream that i was in my house i went down the stairs well i floated down them then i went into the front room there was this new family livin there and they had dogs and the dogs would kill me repetidly and i would come down the stairs again and again does anyone know what that means?
- Posted by jay

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