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                   Sunday, May 20, 2007 - 8:29PM

I-79 drive: Charleston, WV to Washington, PA

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With the freedom of no meetings on the horizon this week, this afternoon I decided to make an impromptu trip home (to my parent's house) in Washington, PA. Ever since we moved from Charleston to Washington in 1982, I-79 has been familiar territory to our family, traveled on no less than ten times per year (round trip) by all of us collectively. I make the trip up and back at least four times a year. We've all memorized its exits and landmarks, and at least for me it's so familiar it doesn't seem like I'm even on a trip.

Here's a mini photo series on the drive north on I-79 Sunday afternoon, with a short diversion along Oil Creek from Burnsville to Roanoke.

Near Big Otter, WV

70mph at Sutton

Oil Creek road near Burnsville. Speed limit enforced by laws of physics.

Oil Creek shed

No Disneyworld in Orlando on Oil Creek, but there is this cool church along the railroad tracks.

Bridge over Oil Creek

Remote Lewis County scene

New interchange construction in Fairmont

WVU arena in Morgantown

Mount Morris, PA

Many of the hills in southwestern Pennsylvania are open fields rather than completely forested.

Southwestern PA country

Mine subsidence dips on I-79 at Ruff Creek

I-70/I-79 interchange, Washington

The 'Dangerous Curve' at the I-70 interchange

25 Years of Storm Observing
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