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                   Friday, November 21, 2008 - 7:56PM

Interviews wanted with Charleston icy accident drivers

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Just a short post to put the word out to any readers of this site who were in some of the accidents captured on tape on the Carter/Fort Hill/Oakwood Bridge on I-64 in Charleston (see video links below). Several television networks and shows are interested in first-hand interviews with drivers involved in the accidents caught on tape, and I am currently trying to track down involved drivers who would be willing to give an on-camera interview. Producers are interested in hearing the story of what happened from the driver's point of view.

I am offering a payment of $100 for each 30-minute sit-down interview, plus an additional $150 if the interview is licensed for broadcast. If you were in any of the accidents caught on tape on the bridge or know of someone who was, please pass the word along and have them give me a call or email. My phone number is 304-346-7359, and I can be emailed from my web contact form located here.

I am specifically interested in hearing from drivers involved in the accidents shown in these clips:

January 18, 2006 accident
January 21, 2007 accidents
March 17, 2007 accidents
December 5, 2007 accident
February 27, 2008 accident
March 8, 2008 accidents

I am currently looking to select three interviewees, possibly more if producers request them. For verification purposes, I will need proof of involvement in the accidents (like an insurance claim or police report). Interviewees will also need to sign a release form. Interviews will be between 30 to 45 minutes long, and will take place at our downtown Charleston studio at 205 Capitol Street.

Again, I can be reached by phone at 304-346-7359, and I can be emailed from my web contact form located here.

Thanks in advance!

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