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                   Saturday, October 18, 2008 - 2:09AM

Softbox and reflector as key/fill

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My softbox/Omni arrived Wednesday, and I was able to get some practice time in with it as a key light along with the new reflector as a fill. Compared to the two Totas with umbrellas, the improvement is very distinct. It was much easier to keep the background dark, as the softbox can be at least turned to direct its spill. The setup pictured above is a room in my parents' house (I was in Pittsburgh visiting family). I figured the small room would add a bit of a challenge due to the decreased area to work with.

I was so impressed with the results of this that I may not be using the Totas much any more, until I can get another softbox to use with one (which may be this week, whenever B&H opens back up). An umbrella/Tota as a key with the softbox as a fill may still be useful in larger rooms with more ambient light to compete with, but the softbox/reflector setup should be a more common scenario.


I think that's what this blog was originally supposed to be about. Lately I've really been (uncharacteristically) detached from what the atmosphere has been doing here and around the world. I think we had a couple of hurricanes somewhere recently - but to be honest I checked the NHC once this week, and quickly forgot about it upon seeing that none of the systems in the Atlantic were going to head toward the US. Admittedly I just haven't really cared much about anything weather-related for the past couple of weeks. I have, however, been looking at the models every other day to see if the upcoming cold air masses will coincide with precip (IE, snow), but for now the temperature minimas will be in the middle of clear skies - frosts and hard freezes, but nothing more. The cold air arriving means we are now back in the winter weather season here in West Virginia, so I fully expect to be getting back into a more normal weather-monitoring routine here in the next few days. We'd be getting snow in the mountains Sunday and Wednesday morning if there was a moisture plume to work with and a good 850mb upslope trajectory.

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