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                   Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - 5:14AM

Back to WV for one last fall/winter

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In a few days, if the Lord is willing, I will be returning to Charleston for a couple weeks or more. Trips back to Raleigh will be on an as-needed basis, specifically whenever I need to meet with a client (which might end up being a weekly thing). My house needs a major cleaning out - after being gone for three months, I've come to fully realize the uselessness of all of the stuff that is taking up space there (particularly in the basement). The trash collectors are definitely going to have their hands full for a couple of weeks. I might try to sell a few things, but the hassle of eBay versus the simplicity of just chucking it out to the curb might cancel that idea. When I move to Raleigh, I'm planning to just take my living/dining room furniture, some clothes, my kitchenware, a bed, and a dresser. Just about everything else will be going to the landfill. The move to North Carolina could come as early as next month, being dependent on how well our Raleigh office does and how quickly business ramps up.

I'm really looking forward to being in West Virginia for fall foliage season, and I'm planning to take full advantage of that as this will likely be my last fall spent there. My house needs work to make it market-worthy that I don't have the funds for right now, so that will mean I will probably spend a few odd weeks there throughout the winter. This is good, since for one last season I'll be able to enjoy the snow and cold that Raleigh will not have much of.

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