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Strong cold front roars across state: Blowing snow, damaging winds affect region: April 3, 2005

ABOVE: A 'snow devil' vortex spins up next to the Cass Depot in Pocahontas County on Sunday, April 3.

VIDEO: 'Snow tornadoes' in Cass: RealVideo, 2.5MB

CASS, WV - A strong springtime cold front brought what could be the region's last snowfall of the season on April 3. The potent front carried with it strong winds that produced minor damage and power outages across the state, as well as a dramatic display of blowing snow and 'snow devils' across the mountainous counties. 'Snow devils', rotating tornado-like columns of air that picked up snow in their vorticies, are similar to their warm-air counterpart, the 'dust devil'. These rare 'snow tornadoes' were visible across the mountains of West Virginia on April 3 as the winds lifted the freshly fallen snow.

Video captures:

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