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Storms with high winds buffet Charleston: Gust front brings strong winds ahead of storms: August 19, 2006

CHARLESTON, WV - Gust fronts often take people by surprise, because their strong winds arrive far ahead of an approaching storm. The potent gust front that slammed into the Charleston area on Saturday was no exception.

A line of storms developed in eastern Kentucky during the day on Saturday, and moved across portions of the Mountain State in the afternoon. The storms began to weaken as they approached the state line, sending out a surge of outflow in the form of a gust front. The gust front moved along the I-64 corridor, kicking up dust and debris and knocking over or picking up anything lightweight.

Since a thunderstorm's gust front often surges out ahead of the storm, its sudden high winds often take people by surprise.

BELOW: High winds move into the Charleston area.

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