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                   Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - 9:22AM

Raleigh photos from this week

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My brother just upgraded to a 21.1 MP (that's not a typo, twenty-one megapixels) Canon 1Ds Mark III, so we've been out on a couple of photo shoots around town. Here are some shots from my (lowly in comparison) point-and-shoot from around Raleigh:

Skyline from Boylan Avenue:

Norfolk Southern mainline, looking west:

Backlit edge of patchy stratocumulus with 'funnel' look-alike:

Matt's wife's dad is a longtime engineer for Norfolk Southern, running a daily local freight from Raleigh to Fuquay-Varina and Sanford. Here is his train coming into Raleigh at Boylan Avenue:

Raleigh's newest downtown skyscraper, RBC Plaza, is nearing completion:

This is what happens when a covered hopper car hauling grain has a leaky hopper door:

Sunlight-heated surface temps on Monday afternoon took advantage of the cold air aloft to fire some weak showers over Raleigh, with some attempts at pileus:

And now the usual animal photos. 17 years old and still going, Buffy (cocker spaniel) chills on the couch:

Beau goes into 'compact mode' after chewing the cap off of a 16-ounce soda bottle (one favorite pasttime out of of many):

As always, much higher quality imagery can be found at Matt's Raleigh Skyline site.

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