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                   Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - 5:23PM

Rain in Raleigh; a revived camera

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1/2" since Monday afternoon

I spent over three months in Raleigh last summer, and can remember a good rain happening maybe three times during that period. So the sights of wet roads, puddles and operating windshield wipers several times past week has definately been a comparatively unusual thing for this region. Thanks to a slow-moving low pressure center hanging around, the rain is continuing today. Since the rain gauge was installed on the deck yesterday at noon, nearly one-half inch has fallen at the house on Ten Ten Road.

In other good news, the FX1 lives! Whatever problem it was having on Sunday has vanished - at least for now. The video on tape did not show the scrambled picture that the viewfinder was exhibiting - leading me to believe that the problem may have been moisture-related and isolated to the viewfinder. The viewfinder sticks out of the Portabrace rain cover and usually gets soaked, but normally with no issues. I had the camera out in heavy rain and hail for about 10 minutes on Sunday, which may have been enough to get some water into the viewfinder enclosure.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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