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                   Sunday, April 26, 2009 - 10:57PM CDT

Day 3: Western OK/TX border area

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Had two choices at Sayre this afternoon, north or south. I chose south. Nice tornadoes north. Turned out there was only one 'storm of the day' on an expected widespread outbreak day - when that happens, the chances of picking the right storm are not good!

The missed tornadoes were redeemed by an amazing upward lightning show at the Oklahoma City towers later. I captured my best tower lightning shot ever. Photos to come as soon as I find a Denny's to sit down, get something to eat and edit some photos.

Posted at 12:08PM CDT:
Currently sitting on a rural road south of Elk City, Oklahoma looking at data. One of the most remote places I've ever updated this blog from (I barely have a cell signal). Not liking the convection firing all over the place, but thinking it may clear out in a couple of hours. SPC is talking high risk.

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