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                   Tuesday, April 3, 2007 - 1:20PM

IntoSummer II update - Stage 6

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This morning, I finished filming stage #6 of the IntoSummer II project (see the description of this project in this previous post). The vegetation here is a little over halfway 'green' as of today - about three weeks ahead of a normal spring, thanks to the early warm spell we've enjoyed recently. How the upcoming freezes will affect their progress, and this project, remains to be seen. I will be leaving for Raleigh on Wednesday or Thursday, unable to shoot another stage of these sequences until after April 15. If things go just right, the upcoming freezes will slow the rate of greening until I get back. However, I'm only a stage or two away from 'full green', so the series may still work even if the next stage is 'summer green'.

There are eleven scenes in this project, and I've figured out that each scene will have its own unique number and spacing of stages. Some scenes are greening faster than others, neccessitating more frequent filming stages. Others are moving along slower, meaning that I have to skip those during a filming stage. I will likely be elminating a stage here and there, as in some instances there isn't enough 'change' between one stage to the next.

So, here is a rough cut of stages 1 through 6 of a few of the scenes. Most of these are 4 or 5 stages long, as I deleted a few stages that were too close in appearance to to a subsequent one. Even with careful shooting to line up the shots, some are still slightly out of position. Once all of the stages are complete, the tedious task of digitally fine-matching up the stages in post-production will begin.

IntoSummer II - Stages 1-6 - WMV, 11MB

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