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                   Friday, April 9, 2010 - 1:33PM CDT

Starling nest building - in the engine compartment

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VIDEO: 3-hour timelapse of nest building in engine compartment

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In what has become an interesting and unusual problem, a European Starling has chosen the engine compartment of my truck as a nesting site here in New Baden. I first discovered this on Monday while getting an oil change in Wentzville, Missouri on my way to a storm chasing target. The nest was removed then, but I checked under the hood yesterday - and sure enough, it was nearly fully rebuilt. So, I figured it was time to investigate a little further. I removed most of the nest again, then placed a webcam under the hood last night. Once I saw activity there this morning, I watched from the apartment window with my camera. The link to the the time-lapse video from the webcam is above.

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Here is the fully-built original nest discovered on Monday:

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Update please Dan, how's the nest coming along :-)
- Posted by Mick from UK

Nest is cleared out, and I'm on a weeklong trip out of town - hopefully while I'm gone they'll be forced to find another spot!
- Posted by Dan R. from Washington, PA

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