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                   Sunday, August 3, 2008 - 10:15PM

Canine tennis ball games

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I was sorting some of my photo folders tonight and in the process found these funny sequences that I'd taken last summer. This is Matt and Beth's dog Beau (a whippet or greyhound / black lab mix as far as we can tell) playing some of her games with tennis balls. This first sequence is her 'quick draw' game, in which she sets a ball down on the floor and dares you to try and grab it (this is what her 'look' in the first frame means). The object of the game is to be fast and/or sneaky enough to grab the ball before she does, though you will lose 99% of the time (like I did here).

Click to enlarge

Another Beau tennis ball game is the 'try and take this ball away from me' challenge. Here is one way that it starts:

And when you get closer:

Pretty impressive use of claws there. Even if there is more than one ball, she still has the advantage with the paw+mouth hoarding technique. I love her look of concentration here - she takes this game pretty seriously:

If you manage to win either of these games, your reward is to throw the ball back to her - where the process repeats indefinitely.

Too funny! She's beautiful, what kind of dog is she? Except for the coloring, she could be my dog and certainly acts the same way. :) Mine also loves to play the catch me if you can game.
- Posted by Christine from Central Florida
(laughs) Never mind, that will teach me to just look at her pictures and not read the first part of the text.
- Posted by Christine from Central Florids - still
Thanks Christine, I really need to get a dog of my own one of these days!
- Posted by Dan R. from Charleston, WV

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