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                   Wednesday, August 6, 2008 - 9:30PM

Sears Tower lightning, Greensburg tornado, icy bridge safety

25 Years of Storm Observing
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I'm still in the process of deciding which, if any, of the pages from the old site should be brought back. We finally got CIS' new media server installed at our unlimited-bandwidth colocation downtown, so I now have a place to put videos without the fear of data transfer overages on our primary managed server. This means I may consider bringing some HD videos back, and at better quality bitrates. Here are the pages I restored today and my reasons for restoring them:

Icy Bridge Safety - At one time I had considered doing a public educational site on all types of weather hazards and safety tips. However, the web has already got the tornado/lightning/hurricane safety subject covered pretty well. The one area that is lacking in publicity is the winter driving / icy roads issue, which I see as a bigger threat to the average person than any convectively-induced phenomena (responsible for more deaths and injuries annually). So I felt at least this page should go back up purely for public awareness purposes. Furthermore, this is one area of weather I will still be covering actively once icy road season returns here in October. I also want to do something on the Carter/Fort Hill/Oakwood bridge sometime before the winter season starts, exactly what and how I'm not sure, although it will obviously tie back into the icy bridge subject in some fashion.

Greensburg, Kansas F5 tornado - This expedition report was always in the top 4 pages in my server statistics, so I decided it deserved to come back.

Sears Tower lightning project - I brought this page back mainly because it gets decent search engine traffic every time a storm hits Chicago, and I do get a few inquiries for the footage every once in a while because of it.

I still want to protect the simplicity of the main site's minimalist design and layout, so I'm hesitant to add too many navigation links by restoring a bunch of old content. I have to decide how I want to categorize new and miscellaneous content without cluttering up what's already here. Lots of ways to do it, just a matter of picking the one that I like best. For now, this post should give the search engines something to grab onto while I make up my mind.

What ever happened to the lightning process description page(s)? Found those to be indispensable! If those could be put back up, it would be awesome... The one showing various stages of lightning branching, etc. Complements the high speed video slow motion shot of lightning that's currently doing the rounds on the internet... I thought the description of the breakdown process was quite competent and readable, too...
- Posted by Michael from Beaverton, OR
I learned from your pages about that lightning artifact glitch. If i hadnt of read that i may well of mistaken the lightning in one of my pictures for actually hitting the street.
- Posted by Joe

25 Years of Storm Observing
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