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                   Monday, August 10, 2009 - 11:57PM

Putnam County flash flooding on Monday

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HD EXPEDITION VIDEO: Rising floodwaters on Scary Creek

Up to 4 inches of rain fell on parts of Putnam County during storms on Monday. I made it to Scary Creek just before a major flood wavefront arrived, causing a 2.5-foot rise in the already flooded creek in a 15 minute time frame. There were surges during this wave of an inch every 10 seconds, causing me to have to move both my camera and my truck several times to get out of the way! The video above shows the rate of rise in several real-time (not timelapse) clips. Notice the mailboxes at the beginning of the video - I included that shot as that was the initial flood water level when I got there (the creek was already out of its banks). Here are the mailboxes at the wave crest:

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A few other shots from the scene:

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Another round of storms moved over the WVAH tower later in the evening. I set up again at the usual spot, but no strikes to the tower occured this time. Here is a shot of the shelf cloud arriving at the tower site:

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That is some pretty insane video!
- Posted by Tony Laubach from Westminster, CO

Caleb has watched the video at least 5 times and is asking for more....maybe you'll have to take him storm chasing!
- Posted by Katie from Melrose, MA

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