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                   Monday, August 13, 2007 - 7:41PM

Unexpected lightning

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A tiny, isolated thunderstorm quickly developed just south of the house this afternoon, with clear skies everywhere else. It was textbook single-cell convection, cumulus congestus to rain shaft to lightning in a span of about ten minutes. The setting sun added some nice colors to the scene. The storm, about three miles away, rumbled for a few minutes with a handful of in-cloud discharges, then sent out exactly two long cloud-to-ground bolts from high in the anvil. Thunderstorm probabilities were slim today, so this was a nice surprise to be able to see right from the house. I set up the HD camera knowing that the only thing I'd be able to use was still frame captures, but they turned out better than I thought.

Wide view:

Total chase mileage today: 0

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