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                   Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 10:40PM

Slow days of summer

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I haven't had anything to post about for several days, because nothing is going on. I've been too busy working on four web projects that I'm trying to finish before the middle of the week, and haven't had any time to do anything else. My current projects are more tedious than usual, and this post is more for me taking a sanity break than anything. Seems I've only been leaving my office (which is at home) only to eat and sleep, and that's just involved walking from one end of my house to the other. After doing it for a long time, working at home is not the blissful utopia you'd normally envision. Sometimes the monotony and isolation actually makes it harder to focus. If gas prices weren't so high, I'd probably take my setup back to our Teays Valley office again, but the 60 mile round trip is impractical. I'm thinking of trying to find an office somewhere in town (maybe a shared space with an extra room, IE cheap rent) so that I can get outside of here and see a different set of walls once in a while. Maybe even start using my bike for transportation.

Yeah, and the weather's been dead too. This is August, true - but it's been a below-average one in terms of storms. The one plus is that this would be great scenic photography weather (green mountains with a crisp blue sky and all), but I haven't been able to get out of here to do any of that. I might have a chance to take a few days off this week, but by then the remnants of Fay will probably be sitting over us.

One thing I did this week was find a cool Matt Redman song on Itunes that I hadn't heard in about 8 years. I last heard it on the long-discontinued MBN Saturday Night radio show sometime around 1998, while on one of my late-night country-road drives.

It's the mystery of the universe
You're the God of holiness
yet you welcome souls like me

A good reminder that despite my endless faults and shortcomings, God still tolerates me. I know, I've figured out that few people share my musical tastes, and I get blank stares when I bring up the subject. (Sometimes I wonder how these artists stay in business if I'm the only one listening to them.) But hey, it's something to type to give me another couple of minutes before I get back to work.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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