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                   Sunday, August 31, 2008 - 8:07PM

Tropics going nuts

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NHC activity map

I don't have any real commentary to post about this, but it's worth a mention that we are on the verge of possibly having four simultaneous tropical systems in the Atlantic/Gulf regions.

OK, I live in Phoenix Arizona, and we had the weirdest lightning storm I've ever seen except for the time I was attending college in Duluth Minnesota in 92', and it was lightning and thunder with 5ft. of snow over 3 days. Last night the sky would light up in a 360 degree format, but no bolts/streaks of lightning, but would light up blue and green. What causes the coloring? Stumped in AZ
- Posted by Terri from Phoenix

Terri, it sounds like you were seeing power flashes (arcing power lines). These can be caused by high winds and lightning strikes to live lines. I have an old page on this subject up here.
- Posted by Dan R. from Charleston, WV

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