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The DashCam Files: Clips from the road

I have been operating a full-time dash camera system since the summer of 2007. When I'm in my vehicle, the camera is always running, whether I'm observing storms or just driving to the grocery store. That means everything that happens while I'm driving gets recorded. I figure it is a great insurance policy - an advocate in the event of an accident or ticket, and a source for some interesting videos. The first system I ran was an analog webcam recording to a VHS VCR, similar to systems in many police cruisers. In January of 2008, I replaced that system with a digital high-definition camera recording to an SD memory card - a much smaller and more reliable package. This is an archive of clips pulled from both systems since July of 2007.

Low-speed deer miss
September 12, 2009: Close call with a deer near Big Chimney, WV.
Close call lane change
July 29, 2009: A slow-moving car changes lanes abruptly in front of the camera vehicle in Charleston, WV.
Deer on I-77 northbound
June 11, 2009: Close call with deer at 70mph near Sissonville, WV.
Oncoming minivan loses control
December 6, 2008: An oncoming minivan slides sideways on snowy curve and heads for the camera vehicle in Charleston, WV.
Hydroplaning into barrier
June 18, 2008: Hydroplaning on standing water and bumping the center divider near Rand, WV.
Red light run
February 16, 2008: A car runs a red light, with cross traffic thankfully not pulling out ahead in Charleston, WV.
Black ice on exit ramp
February 1, 2008: The camera vehicle encounters black ice on a curved exit ramp near Beckley, WV.
Fallen tree limb
January 30, 2008: Running over a fallen tree limb during a windstorm in Charleston, WV.

Clips from 2007 VHS System

November 23, 2007 - Near-accident on Cantley Drive, Charleston, WV
On Black Friday at the intersection of Fort Hill Drive and Cantley Drive in Charleston, a car driven by a teenager on a cell phone pulls out in front of a car driven by another teenager on a cell phone who manages to stop in time.

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November 9, 2007 - DUI on I-64 at Nitro, WV
A drunk driver weaves from side to side on Interstate 64 westbound near Nitro, West Virginia after midnight on a Friday night.

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October 24, 2007 - Near miss on I-77 southbound at Hillsville, VA
Traveling southbound on I-77 in moderate rain near Hillsville, Virginia, about to pass a tractor-trailer truck at 65mph when a slow-moving sedan suddenly changes lanes into my path.

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October 25, 2007 - Near miss on I-40 westbound at Durham, NC
Traveling westbound on I-40 in light rain at Durham, North Carolina, a pickup truck nearly clips the left front of my vehicle at over 80mph as the driver makes a series of sudden lane changes.

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October 25, 2007 - Dangerous pass on I-77 northbound at over 80mph
Traveling northbound on a wet I-77 in light rain at Camp Creek, West Virginia, about to pass a tractor-trailer truck at 70mph when a pickup truck passes me on the right, then rapidly changes lanes in front of me on the dark, wet highway at over 80mph.

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