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                   Thursday, December 11, 2008 - 2:54PM

Global warming/cooling update

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It came to my attention that the following US Senate Committee report was released yesterday, which I found interesting:

REPORT: US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

I also took a look at the Cryosphere Today site, which shows this comparison image of Arctic sea ice between today and the same date in 1980:

Click to enlarge

Like most meteorologists and people involved in weather-related careers, I have been holding the cautious but open-minded 'we don't know yet' position on whether man-made global warming is happening. I haven't been a full-on skeptic as of yet (though that is changing), but I've always had a problem with both the media hysteria and the way objectors have been dismissed, disrespected and ignored. This has not been, and still is not, a settled issue, no matter what you'll hear politicians and media networks continue to say. What bothers me is the ones who are most prominent and outspoken on this issue have no experience in climate or weather issues themselves, while the views of many who work with and observe weather every day are not considered valid.

As with anything, I'm trying to keep an open mind about this, but the fact that so few involved are is making it hard to keep an unbiased perspective. I really hope some hard data in the coming years will settle this.

yea all the global warming hardcores should come shovel the snow break the ice and pay my heating bill in central Ill looking at a possible major ice event sunday . I hope global warming is a myth soon to be proven wrong but we will still try to cut down on emissions burn less fossil fuels because its the right thing to do . frankly I am to concerned about more spring summer high water on the missippi and sand bagging to worry much about 2 degrees average temp when this sunday the weather chanel is calling for a high of 65 and a low of 16 wow in my area 62343 Brian Cole Hull Illinois sny island levee district
- Posted by brian cole from hull ill

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