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Weekend storm update 2: Looking warmer

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Tonight's evening model runs are out, and things are looking warmer for this weekend's event, at least for Saturday and early Sunday. Here are the precipitation type forecasts from tonight's GFS and WRF models for Sunday morning.

Both models do change West Virginia over to snow on Sunday afternoon/evening as temperatures quickly fall, and both still show a good amount of precip lingering into Sunday night. This means a 2 to 5 inch snow for the lower elevations of the state (Charleston and Clarksburg) is still a possibility by Monday morning. Ohio looks to be the winner in our region for the weekend snow totals, with temps staying below freezing for much of the event. Forecasts there are calling for as much as 8 inches by Sunday afternoon.

A possible 'sleeper storm' for us will be on Saturday morning, when temps should be slightly below freezing for a brief time as the rain begins. The means a chance for freezing rain that could very well be an event in itself if temps stay below freezing for longer than forecast. Either way, any ice accumulations should be gone by the afternoon.

My sister and her family in Boston reports a fresh 9 inches of snow from today's event in the northeast. They could be seeing much more if temperatures there can stay cold through the weekend.

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