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                   Monday, December 14, 2009 - 1:10AM

Freezing rain kills 12 from IL to NY

30 Years of Storm Photography
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The freezing rain event that I blogged about in my last post has resulted in at least 12 fatalities - six of those in PA alone. All of these deaths occured during a 3-hour window around sunrise on Sunday morning.

Here is a video I want everyone to watch. Pay close attention to how the roads appear.

NEWS VIDEO: Accidents on tape, icy roads in the Pittsburgh area

There is a feeling among many in the weather community that drivers are responsible for themselves while on the road. While this is a valid point for most situations, if a motorist does not know how to forecast for winter precipitation, how can they realistically be expected to visually identify the hazards shown in the video?

30 Years of Storm Photography
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