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                   Monday, December 15, 2008 - 9:30PM

No forecasting tonight

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It's been a frustrating evening so far, with none of the models or official forecasts catching on to the fact that the cold front has blasted well past where it was expected to (not much of a surprise), and that subfreezing temps and winter precip will likely affect most of the region tonight. Huntington is already at 33°F with Charleston at 37°F and falling. At this point I can't trust anything but the current observations.

The RUC model finally somewhat caught on to what is happening, pushing the 30°F isotherm through Charleston by 5AM. Even that seems conservative, given how fast temps are dropping here and how cold they already are in KY and OH. With the way temps are looking, I'm prepared for things to start getting bad around 1AM (another all-night watch).

I feel like we should already be in at least an advisory here tonight for icing potential, but so far the ones in effect to the north and west haven't been extended through here. I just hope that everyone around here is prepared - time will tell.

Update - 10:08PM: The winter weather advisory was just extended into Kanawha County.

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