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                   Sunday, December 16, 2007 - 9:40AM

Sleet arrives in Charleston, changeover to snow in progress

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Sleet showers have started in Charleston this morning along with strong winds gusting in the 35mph range, creating some painful face-pelting ice pellets that greeted me as I left the early service at church this morning.

Strong upslope flow will drive most of today's snowfall in West Virginia, which is already taking shape across the area. Jackson, Kentucky, just to our southwest, is reporting moderate snow at 28 degrees. The aforementioned sleet has transitioned to a light snow here in Charleston, and our temps are quickly falling as expected. The activity will continue intensifying as the day wears on and as the winds turn northwesterly to face the mountains. Accumulations in the lower elevations are still a toss-up today, but the fact that we've already reached the changeover point means a higher chance for some better accumulation totals by tonight.

I'm leaving in a few minutes to spend the day covering this event, so stay tuned for photos and video after the snow winds down.

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