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                   Sunday, December 16, 2007 - 7:11PM

Charleston snow - Sunday, December 16

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It's been a long day covering this snow event in Charleston, as I've been out nearly continuously since around 10AM. No problems to report in the Kanawha Valley as a little more than a quarter inch of snow is on the ground at this point, much of it falling during borderline 32F temperatures which limited the flakes' 'sticking' abilities. We have finally dropped below freezing in the valley as of 6PM, but the heaviest snows are over and the salting crews have the roads under control. The Fort Hill Bridge was quiet today, thankfully never given the chance to cause problems with the lack of sticking snow. As with all upslope events, I can't officially 'put this one to bed' until it's over, but I think we've seen all we're going to get here in Charleston today.

This icy bridge over I-79 on Crestwood Road near Mink Shoals was the only one I encountered:

The snow was not quite deep enough to cover blades of grass in the yard:

The quarter inch is just enough to make it look like winter.

30 Years of Storm Photography
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