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                   Sunday, December 20, 2009 - 10:45AM

December 20-21 snow event updates

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Update 8:23AM Monday, (Posted via Office from Charleston, WV):
Non-event. Barely a dusting on some elevated objects in Charleston, nothing on the roads. Calling it a day and getting ready for the next event in a couple of days - I'll need the rest to prepare.

*       *       *

Update 2:33AM Monday, (Posted via Office from Charleston, WV):
First light band moving in. Judging from Huntington webcams and the light reflectivity, don't expect much from this first little wave. Still looks like the main event is well to the west.

*       *       *

Update 10:56AM Sunday, (Posted via Office from Charleston, WV):
Snow is still flying around Charleston, making it hard to draw a sharp dividing line between the big snowstorm and the next distinct event, a 'clipper', set to arrive late tonight. But, to keep things in order, I'll go ahead call the big storm 'done' and break off a new section for the next system that is on its way.

Models show the clipper arriving overnight tonight, peaking just before sunrise and slowly tapering off throughout the day. From model QPF (meaning total precip values) this should be a 1" to 3" event for Charleston, maybe 5" more in the mountains. Pretty insignificant compared to what we've had already, but enough to cause widespread road impacts. Delays and cancellations for schools look pretty likely for the morning.

After this, we should get a short break before yet another storm around Christmas Eve. But I'll hold off on thinking about #3 until we're in the clear from #2 tomorrow.

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