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                   Wednesday, December 24, 2008 - 11:45AM

Icy bridge demonstration at Crestwood overpass

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VIDEO: Icy bridge demonstration

I put together this short demo clip from last night. Sorry for the poor audio - I really need to start taking my Sennheiser lav mic with me on these shoots. A pickup truck wrecked on this bridge just moments before I got there - (in the video, the truck is in the distance with its hazards on).

Notice the fact that this freezing rain-produced ice coating is completely invisible. It was very thin - no more than a millimeter or two, yet it was the most slick surface I've ever documented.

This location is the Crestwood Road overpass over Interstate 79 between Mink Shoals and Big Chimney. It is at a relatively high elevation, outside of any valley temperature influences - therefore it usually ices over before any other bridges in the area. I visit it often as a 'test bridge' for determining icing potential in Charleston. If the Crestwood bridge is icy, then I know the potential is there for the same thing to happen later in Charleston.

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