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                   Thursday, December 24, 2009 - 10:40PM

2009 Christmas Day ice storm/freezing rain

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Update 8:07AM Friday, (Posted via BlackBerry from Washington, PA):
Patchy icing on all roads in the SW PA area.

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Update 7:23AM Friday, (Posted via BlackBerry from Washington, PA):
Brick streets in Washington are icing.

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Update 7:02AM Friday, (Posted via Laptop from Washington, PA):
No icing observed here yet - but it could start at any moment as wet-bulbing is slowly creeping temps downward.

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Update 10:59PM Thursday, (Posted via Laptop from Washington, PA):
While a massive blizzard rages in the Plains, a major freezing rain event is about to begin for the eastern and central Appalachian regions. I am currently in the Pittsburgh area visiting family, and coincidentally am inside one of the high threat zones for road icing through about midday tomorrow (Friday, Christmas Day). Ice storm warnings are in effect for the southern Blue Ridge regions of Virginia and North Carolina, with freezing rain advisories extending up into eastern West Virginia and winter weather advisories (for freezing rain) into Pennsylvania and New York.

I will be out covering this event in the Pittsburgh area when the precip arrives here in the next 4-5 hours.

While this event may threaten Beckley and surrounding areas, I believe Charleston should be in the clear due to Thursday's daytime temps rising into the 50s, warming the ground - followed by lows tonight well above freezing. I will be watching Charleston's temps closely tonight, though with rain set to begin there in the next few hours, I don't think there is much of a window for temps to fall either due to radiational nor evaporative effects.

For most people in the USA, this Christmas morning will definately be a time to just stay inside.

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