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                   Monday, December 3, 2007 - 4:18PM

Snow falling - and not melting - in Charleston

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Light granular snow has been falling off an on all day over West Virginia in a few weak upslope bands. With temps hovering just below freezing this afternoon, the snow is actually sticking around for the first time this season.

Swirling around on I-79, but not sticking to the road yet:

The clipper moving in tomorrow night will be working with borderline 32°F temps, meaning that any snow during the day may not accumulate efficiently. If the bulk of the event happens at night (when temperatures have a better shot to be below freezing), the flakes will have a better time sticking. Charleston's maximum will probably be no more than 2 inches on the ground before all is said and done on Thursday. The models show a big warmup over the weekend, with the region possibly breaking 60 degrees on Sunday. So, any snow we do get will not stay around very long.

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