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                   Sunday, December 9, 2007 - 1:26AM

Icy road season off to an alarming start

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The incidence of icy road accidents this season has already been surprisingly prolific. Even Raleigh and areas in central North Carolina, locations that rarely see wintry conditions, were the scenes of one of the latest iced-over bridge episodes on Friday morning. Freezing rain caused hundreds of accidents resulting in three deaths (News Article).

Winter weather systems have been widespread across the Plains, Midwest, Appalachians and Northeast already this winter season, with just about every location in these regions seeing at least one bout of snow and ice. Starting now and into next week, the Plains and Midwest will once again experience a potentially crippling ice storm that is sure to cause severe problems.

From Des Moines to Chicago to St. Louis to Charleston, WV to Raleigh, NC - places where people who may never see a tornado, flash flood or a Category 5 hurricane in their lifetimes will still encounter these life-threatening risks nearly evey year. Just more clear evidence that winter weather's effects on highway conditions are the number one weather-related threat to people.

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