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                   Thursday, February 14, 2008 - 4:11PM

Snow's melting, but cold February ahead

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Round 2 of this week's snow event brought a little more than an inch of accumulation through last night. The overnight post-frontal upslope snow actually made the roads worse than the initial sleet/snow band at sunset. I spent another hour at Fort Hill around 2AM, which did become slick - but again no accidents to report. Due to the cold temps (in the low 20s), all the roads became icy at the same time, not just the bridges. This gave everyone on I-64 ample warning of the conditions before they encountered the curve on the bridge. The sun is out today, quickly melting the snow (watch the timelapse from the StormCam). The ground won't stay clear for long. Following a brief warmup over the next couple of days, multiple light snow events and very cold temps are forecast by the models all the way through the end of next week.

By this time of year, I'm usually anxious for spring to start from the lack of thunderstorms. But thanks to last week's quite satisfying chase, I was able to cure the cabin fever (or 'SDS' - "storm deprivation syndrome" as it is called) for a while. My excitement about May and June is somewhat tempered, though. My spring storm season in the Plains is still up in the air, as this may be the first time that I won't have video income to pay for the annual chase. As much as I love the trips out west, I'm not willing to pay a credit card company a bunch of interest money over the next 8 months to do it. I've got some more web design business expansion plans in the works, which may give me the extra boost needed to fund a multi-thousand dollar storm chase expedition. The web business has become good enough that I can now actually make more per hour of work than I did covering weather events - not as much fun, but more practical. Enough so that I should start being able to take more 'leisure storm chase expeditions' by the 2009 season (Lord willing) without worrying about the funding aspect.

About those additional expansion plans - they might involve a little bit of a westward direction. More on that later!

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