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                   Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - 11:34PM

Total lunar eclipse photos

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Thanks to clearing skies behind the latest round of snow in West Virginia, I had a nice view of tonight's eclipse from the comfort and warmth of my car as I traveled north on I-79 to Washington, PA. I was not originally planning to pay much attention to this, as I've shot a couple of these before (lunar eclipses seem to happen once every few years). But since all it took to get a sequence of photos tonight was a matter of pulling off at every other exit and shooting out the window (as opposed to freezing myself half to death standing out in 15F temps for 2 hours), I decided to go ahead and spend some memory card space on it. Totality shots weren't going too well with handholding the digital camera, so I took a few seconds of video on one of my better low-light cameras.

The pre-eclipse moon rises at dusk under snow clouds at Amma, WV:

Later, a vertical pillar extends above and below the moon next to a mountain at Wallback, WV:

The eclipse begins over Fairmont, WV:

Close to totality over Kirby, PA:

Totality occurs south of Washington, PA:

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