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                   Thursday, February 22, 2007 - 4:54PM

Falling ice update

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I was blessed this afternoon with some success in the ice fall footage project. Today was sunny and warm, but I was tied up for most of the day with work on a web development project and unable to get away until after 3:00PM. Showing how the Lord provides, I caught a fairly large ice fall in only ten minutes of filming once I got set up. If it weren't for my work project keeping me in the office today, I'd have been out for hours trying to get this shot.

I'm not totally finished with the project, as I still need a few more shots to round out the portfolio for this subject. But it's fair to say I got what I was looking for. To show my appreciation for those of you kind enough to tolerate my blogging and kinder enough to keep coming back, here is an exclusive sneak peek of today's footage. For reference, the falling ice slab in the video is about 12 feet tall and at least 500lbs.

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