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                   Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 8:45AM

First expeditions of 2009

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Depending on if a couple of checks clear early enough for me to get two new tires on Monday morning, I may be on the road for my first expeditions of the 2009 season. (I have a slow sidewall leak that can't be repaired, which means I need two new rear tires). Wednesday's system (the one I posted about a couple of days ago) should be a severe storm producer across the eastern US, with even the Appalachians getting in on the action. Tuesday also has a lot of potential across the Mississippi Valley - which is a little too far for me to travel right now, especially since I may get an event right here at home the next day. Tuesday's event may end up bringing the first SPC Moderate Risk of the season, and Wednesday could follow suit. Both days have some potential to be tornado outbreaks, more so Tuesday than Wednesday.

While these setups will have tornado potential, for me the focus will be lightning after dark close to home, as typically that ends up being the better bet with a system this time of year. However, if things look more serious on Wednesday morning, a drive westward into Kentucky may be worthwhile. Stay tuned...

SPC severe storm outlook for Wednesday

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