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                   Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - 12:58PM

Recap of Tuesday's icy road event

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Accident on Lumley Road bridge at I-540 in Raleigh on Tuesday

Looking at timelapse video from yesterday, it appears that there was not much snow but more freezing rain problems for the Charleston area - compared to Huntington, which saw an all-snow event. Here is a compilation of news reports on the icy road event that affected a large part of the midwestern and eastern US on Tuesday. Well over a thousand accidents and least four fatalities have resulted in this outbreak - yet another reminder of why icy roads are the number one weather related hazard in the US.

Video clips:
Spinouts on I-540 near Raleigh, NC (WRAL)
Spinouts/crash in Knoxville, TN (CBS Affiliate)
Farnsworth Drive bridge in Charleston timelapse (WCHS)
StormCam timelapse of snow/freezing rain

News Articles:
Charleston, WV
Raleigh, NC
Bristol, VA
Paintsville, KY
Wilmington, DE
Virginia Beach/Norfolk
Fairmont, WV
Des Moines, IA
Oklahoma City, OK
Fort Smith, AR
Knoxville, TN
Wichita Falls, TX
Toledo, OH
Branson, MO
Monessen, PA

30 Years of Storm Photography
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