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                   Friday, January 25, 2008 - 8:15PM

Photos from this week

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A few random shots from the digital camera this week: This chipmunk has been scavenging for acorns in the backyard recently. I took these photos through my office window - I doubt I could ever get this close if I was outside.

Sunny side of the hill: The low sun angle in the winter keeps north-facing hillsides in Spring Hill Cemetery snow-covered.

Mystery smog: Friday afternoon, a smoky chemical-like haze overspread Charleston and the Kanawha Valley, prompting civil emergency warnings and media reports as authorities scrambled to figure out where it was coming from (news reports here, here and here). Whatever it was, a temperature inversion kept it around for much of the day.

The smog, according to the DEP, came from upwind power plants, which makes sense. On my way back from the CIS office, I stopped to shoot a couple of photos of the mushroom-like steam plume coming off of the John Amos cooling towers and stacks into the cold air.

Take a look at this article about "Blue Plume". Same company (AEP)....
- Posted by jsd from nm
Thanks for the article link! That would certainly make sense. Although, I don't think the scrubbers at John Amos are operational yet. In the last photo above you can see the new scrubber stack (the wider one) that is under construction. The DEP did say that there was a smoke plume from an Ohio River plant (that I believe does have scrubbers running) contributing to the Charleston smog, although from my vantage point it seemed like the smoke was thickest east of John Amos. Definately weird - something I've never seen here before.
- Posted by Dan from Charleston, WV

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