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                   Sunday, July 20, 2008 - 10:20PM

Charleston lightning on Sunday evening

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HD EXPEDITION VIDEO: Lightning over Charleston on Sunday

All of West Virginia's post-sunset storms avoided Charleston this evening, passing just to the north and to the south of town. For once that wasn't a bad thing, as it allowed me to have two hours of shooting time at Fort Hill with no rain to deal with. The lightning was good, but with the distant vantage point, not much to write home about tonight. Right at sunset, a small storm fired just to the northeast of town, sending frequent CGs directly behind the skyline. It was still too bright outside for long exposures, but I did scrape by with one bolt at F9 with 2-second exposures (the fourth photo below).

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The following are a couple frames from video. The first shot is an isolated cumulonimbus sending out a cloud-to-ground strike behind downtown earlier in the afternoon.

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