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                   Friday, July 4, 2008 - 3:35PM

Van De Graaff generator / photo print store - now open!

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I've been hard at work behind the scenes this past week getting some new arrangements up and running for a long-needed e-commerce section of this site. I'm happy to say that aside from some design tweaking, this thing is finally online and working! A big thanks to Tom Mullins for helping me get up to speed on configuring OSCommerce for the store. I signed on with a well-respected Van De Graaff generator manufacturer to become an official dealer for them, as well as getting 30 of my most popular images into the shopping cart catalog. I also added a stock of matted prints (in limited quantities) that I have on hand.

You can access the new store here, or visit the sections directly at these links:

Van De Graaff Generators and Accessories Store

Photo Prints and Matted Prints

The biggest challenge with OsCommerce was stripping out enough of the CSS coding so that I could build a cross-browser compatible layout the way I want it (it's no secret that I hate CSS, that's a rant for another post). Now that I have that figured out, I can begin working on a better design for the store pages (what's on there now is fairly thrown-together). But that will come at a later date, as I have other higher-prioritized projects on my table now.

As for the weather - July is certainly not starting out to be another June 2008. We've got a nice stalled boundary over West Virginia now, but continuous, ironclad cloud cover and light precip is going to keep any instability far away from here. I don't see any lightning being within 100 miles of Charleston in the next 2 days, and there may be enough rain to get all of the fireworks in the area cancelled or postponed tonight. Looks like a July 4 that I'll be spending all day inside, the first to be like this for as long as I can remember. The last three seasons in a row, I was out observing on the 4th. If the fireworks don't get hosed, I'll be attempting a Spring Hill Cemetery shoot tonight.

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