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                   Saturday, July 5, 2008 - 4:01PM

Storms return and a couple of photo props

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I have to congratulate my friends and fellow storm observers Kurt Hulst and Bill Coyle for their lightning captures this week. Kurt's close lightning strike hitting a tree in Michigan is an instant classic, and a daytime shot at that! Last night, Bill managed a shot of lightning hitting Virginia Beach's new Town Center.

As for us, the sun peeking out today is providing enough instability to bring the return of nice convection. Last night, a flurry of lightning passed over the Charleston area, but with saturation-induced fog, there wasn't much of a view of the sky. Today's storms will be slow movers, meaning that flash flooding may be a threat with the stationary frontal boundary still hanging around. This cumulonimbus (viewed from my front door) produced a close lightning strike a few minutes prior as it passed over. With the gift of some instability this afternoon, a better chance of nighttime lightning exists tonight.

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Hey Thanks Dan, I did not know you had written anything about this.
- Posted by Kurt from GR

25 Years of Storm Observing
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