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                   Saturday, June 13, 2009 - 1:25PM update

25 Years of Storm Observing
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I finished stages #2 and #3 of the project (a new stock photography site), which was to add the storms/weather and Appalachian scenery sections. I also added a selection of new panoramas. So in essence, the site is finally in a 'complete' state - 7 months after I first got the idea and registered the domain back in November. As of today there are 210 images in the catalog, and I will be adding more as I get the time to do it. There is an RSS feed on the site for new images that I will start updating when new images are posted. I have several old frames from slides/negatives I want to add, but they need to have high-res scans done first (my goal is to have all of the catalogged images ready for digital delivery at a moment's notice).

The plan is to start using the wvimages site as my primary image repository for expedition reports and blog posts from this point on, at least whenever I capture something I think is worthy of inclusion there. The 'everyday' photos that are posted here will remain hosted over here on this site. My task now is to change the photo links on the blog over to the new site for any catalogged images. Like any new site, it will need that traffic boost for the first few months until it gets indexed across the web.

There are some other classic West Virginia landmarks that I really would like to include, but I need to take a couple of day trips this summer and fall to get those (nameley Cass Scenic Railroad, Seneca Rocks, Babcock grist mill, Allegheny highlands country, etc). As always, I just need the clear blue sky days.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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