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                   Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - 6:30PM

June 18 storms and hydroplaning

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Not much to post about from today, other than a 30-second burst of pea-sized hail with a few lightning strikes in Charleston. I followed along behind the storm on Route 60 east expecting to get a lightning/rainbow combo opportunity, but didn't see anything worthy of stopping and shooting. I encountered a close call due to a deep pool of standing water in the passing lane, losing front steering control for a second or two at 50mph and bumping my left wheels into the center concrete divider (which probably kept me from either spinning out in front of the coal truck or veering into oncoming traffic). Another example of how the road is by far the biggest danger for a storm photographer, not the storms themselves.

HD DASHCAM VIDEO: Hydroplaning close call at 50mph on Route 60

Nothing really 'capturable on camera' presented itself this afternoon, but the view of the incoming storm from near Greenbrier Street had some decent contrast:

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30 Years of Storm Photography
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