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                   Saturday, June 23, 2007 - 7:18PM

Greensburg find: Tornado #4

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While doing some work with the Greensburg footage from May 4, I found this:

This tornado, which now makes the fourth for this night, occured roughly ten minutes after we observed these two simultaneous tornadoes somewhere east of Greensburg:

On video, the fourth tornado is fully condensed for one lightning flash (the only way to see what was happening). A funnel was visible roughly ten seconds earlier during a dimmer lightning flash. It is unclear whether this is a primary circulation or a satellite vortex (associated with the second mile-wide wedge tornado that formed immediately after the Greensburg tornado).

At the time, we (Fabian Guerra, Craig Maire and I) had ended our chase and can be heard discussing on video what to do next. We didn't see this brief tornado come down and I only discovered it after reviewing the video footage today.

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