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                   Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 11:28AM

Tuesday chase - Midwest/Ohio Valley

30 Years of Storm Photography
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Update 11:28AM: Ideal upward-moving tower lightning setup seems to be developing, with light southerly winds under a nice stratiform precip area. This is all providing that convection can sustain itself for another couple of hours and make it to Putnam County.

10:26AM: Considering heading west today - the SPC outlook is encouraging, but I think the window for tornadoes may be brief. Cloud cover issues look to be present also. My 'home chase area' has decreased in mileage radius due to fuel prices - so the risk as it is may be farther than I want to go. There is a decent play here at home in the next few hours for tower lightning - but if I stay for that, I'll forfeit getting to Indiana in time. In all cases, Ohio may be a nighttime lightning play later tonight. If I go to Indiana, I'll need to leave in the next half an hour to realistically make it in time. Leaning more toward staying here for this first round, then going to Ohio for lightning stills tonight.

30 Years of Storm Photography
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