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                   Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - 1:39PM

Tower lightning video - 9 hits in HD!

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Here is the HD video from yesterday's tower lightning shoot, a total of 9 strikes in the course of 90 minutes:

HD EXPEDITION VIDEO: June 3 tower lightning - St. Albans, WV

Here are a couple of interesting frame grabs. Another lightning myth debunked - lightning always strikes the highest object? Not always! This bolt hits the side of the tower instead of the tip:

Click to enlarge

Lots of leaders emanating from the tip in this frame. Also notice the 'oxbow channel' effect - you can see the remant path of an earlier return stroke drifting off to the right, while a new channel is formed to make a more direct path to the tower tip. Similar to a river bypassing a curve and forming an oxbow lake:

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