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                   Wednesday, June 6, 2007 - 7:28PM CDT

DAY 14: High winds, high and dry in Nebraska

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Still holding tight in Grand Island, Nebraska. Too many critical parameters fell apart today. Early on, I never could talk myself into going farther west or north given the eastward haul we have tomorrow. The triple point in South Dakota obviously was the play, but I just didn't want to go that far. So instead, we've spent the day documenting the crazy mini-haboobs everywhere created by the very high winds across Nebraska. Pretty impressive sights, and enough to be a 'consolation prize' for the day. We did manage to damage my driver side door by accidentally letting the wind slam the door open into a parked car at Wal-Mart. No damage to the other car, big dent in my door.

Like others, we're watching the development to our west - but not with much optimism. My pessimism is evident by the fact that we've already got a hotel room for the night here. Unless something compelling develops within reach, we're crashing early to get ready for tomorrow - which should be east of Des Moines, Iowa. Here are some shots from today.

The strong winds blowing across the recenty-planted fields kicked up large, dense clouds of dirt and dust.

Near Lincoln, Nebraska

Near Grand Island

Near York

In spots, the visibilities went to near zero in seconds.

Near York

Near York

18-wheelers were leaning precariously as the winds pushed them sideways.

Near Waco, NE

Near Grand Island

Flying pool in Grand Island

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