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                   Tuesday, March 11, 2008 - 3:16AM

Quiet week ahead, another storm possible Saturday

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A welcome break from any significant weather - and not even much precip - is in store for the Central Appalachian region this week. However, yet another major low pressure system is showing up consistently in the models for this upcoming weekend. Fortunately, temperatures for this event should be much higher than with the last storm, meaning that the impacts could be little more than a rainy Saturday for our region. The typical wraparound cold air on the back side of the departing low could bring a brief light snowfall to the area Sunday morning if the track of the system trends to the south.

It's hard to find any notable warmup indicated on the horizon in the models, with the exception of the forecast for next Tuesday morning, which shows a northward surge of warmer air in the Plains that could move our way by Thursday or so next week. The downside to this is that it appears this warmup is the result of yet another trough moving in from the west, which may eventually sweep across the eastern US and keep us firmly planted in a cool pattern through the end of next week. The upside to this is we may see a decent lightning show or two before the cold air settles in. Even though we know that warmer temperatures are on the way eventually, it sure would be nice to see at least some back-to-back 60s start showing up in those long-range maps. This Thursday's forecast was hinting that we might break the 60°F mark, but it's not looking too good for that now. It looks like we'll have to wait at least a couple more weeks for spring temperatures to start showing up on a regular basis.

wow! this is awesome...AND ur christian? wow! i love this site, u guys are helping me in my science class to!!!
- Posted by Helena - Elizabeth from school

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