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All-nighter, weather and travels

25 Years of Storm Observing
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That timestamp is correct. It's 2AM and I'm pulling an all-nighter to finish up a web/video project for a local church before a deadline Tuesday afternoon. I don't have a whole lot to post about now, but I figured I've been on a roll with keeping up the blog lately, so I'm just keeping the momentum going. It's been fairly busy since I came back from my two-week Newport News - Raleigh - Pittsburgh - Boston - Pittsburgh circuit. Once I get this big project done, I'm mostly free for the rest of the week. Free to get some more stock video indexed, that is. If it's not web work, it's weather video work.

On to the weather side of things. There is a slim chance for storms here Tuesday evening, and a better chance earlier in the afternoon across Kentucky and Ohio. Not sure if I'll be up to observing that after tonight's web design marathon. However, I just read the latest Day 2 outlook from the SPC, and Wednesday looks like a better storm observation day in Ohio. I'm not as willing to take long drives for lightning and wind these days, so I may hang close to home for that one. The big one to watch is Thursday into Friday, if the GFS and WRF models are to be believed. They show an area of heavy rain setting up over the Appalachians, with high precip totals in a short amount of time. If the models are correct, this could translate to our first flash flood event of the season.

I finished my nephew Caleb's mini-documentary video a few days ago, but I'm still working out the licensing terms with the music provider before I can post the final production here on the web. Hopefully that will get taken care of in a couple of days.

The next big trip is another two-week stay in Raleigh, followed by another weekend in Williamsburg/Newport News/Virginia Beach to see Jes, Rob, Brock, Bill, Amy, Jesse and Crystal. Yes, I have more friends in Tidewater Virginia than I do here (to be fair to WV, Jes, Rob and Brock are originally from here). They're always trying to get me to just move there. Who knows - If the Lord wills, I guess it's possible. I'm normally not an Atlantic coast type of guy, but I always have a blast when I go there. If I were to move, I'm partial to the Midwest and Plains - or anywhere on I-64 westbound from Charleston. But, it's not the geographical area that counts, it's where your friends are that counts - and right now Virginia certainly has the advantage in that respect.

25 Years of Storm Observing
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